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Metal components: 316 Stainless Steel standard; Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C-2761 available
Rotating seal ring: Carbon-Graphite or Graphite-Loaded Sintered Silicon Carbide
Stationary seal ring: Sintered Silicon Carbide or Tungsten Carbide
Springs: Hastelloy C-276
O-rings: Fluoroelastomer, EPDM, Aflas2, or Isolast3 perfluoroelastomer


Pressure: 400 PSIG (28 bar) maximum to 28 in (710 mm) Hg vacuum,
depending on shaft size and speed.
Temperature: To 500°F (260°C), depending on O-ring elastomer limits in fluid sealed

Notes: 1Trademark of Haynes International Inc., 2Trademark of Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., 3Trademark of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

The AST 60 seal is known as the friend of the maintenance man and can be used where a highly reliable, anti-clog seal is required.  It is a hydraulically balanced mechanical seal, but does not require a step on the pump shaft sleeve.

Long life is assured with the cool running AST 60 Seal. The floating rotary seal face eliminates seal face distortion inherent to shrink fit seal designs.

Since the springs are isolated from the pumpage, you may be able to reduce or eliminate flushing and product dilution.

Rebuild kits are available so you can rebuild the AST 60 in your plant without tools. You control your seal repairs: no waiting for an exchange seal or cross-contamination from previous service.

The AST 60 Seal is designed for use in
Power Generation: Cooling water, slurries, boiler feed, recirculation
Chemical Processing: Reagents, solvents, process streams, paints
Food Processing: Starches, slurries
Wastewater Treatment
HVAC Systems
Pulp and Paper Mills: Brines, solutions
Steel Mills: Pollution control, cooling water


AST 60 seals and O-ring mount stationary seal rings are available off-the-shelf to fit existing and new pump applications.